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What is Myopia Control?

With the ever-increasing near visual demands that children are being exposed to, including schoolwork, tablet, computer and phone use, we have seen a significant increase in the rate of near-sightedness around the world. There are several tools that have been developed by researchers to slow down myopia progression. Since 2002 Dr. Akerman has been helping children and adults through myopia control using specially shaped Ortho-Keratology contact lenses and special glasses lens designs. More recently, soft multifocal contact lenses and prescription eye drops have been introduced as new tools to help in myopia control therapy.

How is Myopia Control Accomplished?

Myopia is the result of the eye being too long for its focusing power. For many children with myopia, the way light focuses on the peripheral retina causes the eye to elongate and become more near-sighted. Myopia progression is reduced by changing the focus of light from our periphery to reduce the signals that cause the eyes to grow quickly while maintaining normal clear straight-ahead vision.

Myopia Control
Myopia Control Contact Lens Options


Ortho-K Lenses are reshaping lenses that are worn during sleep and removed upon awakening. Patients who are successfully treated using Ortho-K do not require spectacle or contact lenses to see during the day. One of the biggest advantages of Ortho-K therapy is that in addition to reducing the progression rate of Myopia, children are able to go to school and lead active lives including swimming and playing sports without having to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses.

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Soft Specialty Multifocal Lenses

Over the past few years, researchers have found that certain multifocal soft contact lens designs are successful at reducing the rate of myopic progression. Dr. Akerman is a certified practitioner for MiSight daily disposable soft contact lenses – patients wear these lenses during the day to provide functional distance vision while reducing the rate of myopia progression.

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