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At Milton Vision we offer concussion baseline testing as well as post-concussion testing and recovery management.

Because of the close relationship between vision and the brain, concussions and other types of brain injuries often interfere with the processing of visual information.

Symptoms indicating a potential concussion-related vision problem include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Reading problems
    • decreased fluency, speed, comprehension and/or retention
    • words appear to move or run together
  • Headaches with reading and other visual tasks
  • Attention and concentration difficulty
  • Memory difficulty
  • Double vision
  • Eye/brow pain
  • Loss of visual field

Our Developmental Optometrists evaluate visual functions such as eye movements, accommodation (focusing), peripheral vision and processing speed to determine whether there are any vision-related signs of a brain injury and use that information to develop vision therapy plans to help our patients recover more quickly and completely.

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