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Individual Training:

Our Sports Vision Training Centre offers single-session and package training options for players of all ages and levels from beginner to professional. Whether you are looking for a quick tune-up so that you can be sharp for an upcoming game or a fully customized development plan that will help you maximize your athletic performance our trainers will help you take your game to the next level.

Custom programs start with an evaluation of your visual performance and coordination using computerized testing that lets you know exactly where you stand compared to players of the same age, sport, position and level as you, from beginner through pro. Our sports vision therapists then use this information to design a customized progression of sport-specific visual training and vision therapy exercises focused on improving hand-eye coordination, reaction time, decision making and team play.

Group Training:

Come join in one of our engaging group sessions where individuals can participate at their own level alongside other athletes or compete with your friends to push yourself as far as you can go.

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Individual & Group sports Training